Scented Candles

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is the most recently used ingredient in the production of scented candles in the market. It is a vegetable wax that is made with the oil of soy beans.

Why do we use soy wax?

Compared to paraffin wax which is commonly used in the production of scented candles, soy wax is safer for humans and also more environment friendly.

In terms of sustainability, soy wax is renewable and biodegradable while paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum and contains carcinogenic substances.

Soy wax achieves a cleaner burn, producing much less soot so it won't stain your wall or ceiling.

It also has a longer burning time because of its lower melting point.

Are the ingredients safe?

Our soy wax is blended with beeswax. Both ingredients are imported from the US.

While the fragrance oils are sourced locally and from abroad.

Why is there moisture on top of the wax?

The moisture beads on top of the wax are excess fragrance oils. Soy wax can release excess oil during changes in temperature, such as when the surrounding temperature of the candle gets too warm or if the candle is placed under lights.

Sweating will not affect the quality or performance of your candle. Simply wipe off the oil with tissue before burning it

Why do the wick and wax surface have black stains?

Should you find that your wick is tainted with a black stain, it’s actually caused by the wooden lid. It is safe to burn.

The wax surface is not smooth even after it resolidifies.

This is very common due to the nature of soy wax and the changes in temperature.

Why are there white marks on my soy candle?

Frosting is a perfectly natural effect of soy wax. It is the wax re-crystallizing and trying to return to its natural state. Frosting does not affect the performance of your candle.

Why are there air bubbles rising from the burning wax?

Should you find bubbles coming up to the wax surface, this is air escaping out. It does not affect your candle performance.

Why does my candle have a large flame and releasing smoke?

This indicates your wick is too long. Trim your wick to 0.5cm before every burn. Trimming the wick will extend a candle’s lifespan.

What is wax pool?

Candles have a memory of the first time you burn them. When you light a candle for the first time, it is important to let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the container. This creates an equal wax pool to avoid tunnelling and wastage.

How do I put my candle out?

Do not blow out your candle. Snuff out your burning candle with the wooden lid provided to avoid splatter and the lingering smell of a burnt wick.

What are the burn time?

With proper care, the burning time of a 160g candle is approximately 45 hours. 

What’s the expiry date?

Our candles have a life span of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Keep away from heat and light to prolong the life span of the candle.

Can I recycle my candle container?

Yes, the container is recyclable. Clean the container with warm water and detergent to remove any wax residue.

Can the container withstand the heat?

Yes, the container is able to withstand the heat. However, to prevent the container from overheating and breaking, stop burning the candle when there is approximately 0.5cm of wax remaining at the bottom of the container.



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